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Starns, Jeffrey J.; Cataldo, Andrea M.; Rotello, Caren M.; Annis, Jeffrey; Aschenbrenner, Andrew; Bröder, Arndt; Cox, Gregory; Criss, Amy; Curl, Ryan A.; Dobbins, Ian G.; Dunn, John; Enam, Tasnuva; Evans, Nathan J.; Farrell, Simon; Fraundorf, Scott H.; Gronlund, Scott D.; Heathcote, Andrew; Heck, Daniel W.; Hicks, Jason L.; Huff, Mark J.; Kellen, David; Key, Kylie N.; Kilic, Asli; Klauer, Karl Christoph; Kraemer, Kyle R.; Leite, Fábio P.; Lloyd, Marianne E.; Malejka, Simone; Mason, Alice; McAdoo, Ryan M.; McDonough, Ian M.; Michael, Robert B.; Mickes, Laura; Mizrak, Eda; Morgan, David P.; Mueller, Shane T.; Osth, Adam; Reynolds, Angus; Seale-Carlisle, Travis M.; Singmann, Henrik; Sloane, Jennifer F.; Smith, Andrew M.; Tillman, Gabriel; van Ravenzwaaij, Don; Weidemann, Christoph T.; Wells, Gary L.; White, Corey N.; Wilson, Jack

Assessing theoretical conclusions with blinded inference to investigate a potential inference crisis Journal Article

In: Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 335-349, 2019.

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Singmann, Henrik; Kellen, David; Mizrak, Eda; Öztekin, Ilke

Using Ensembles of Cognitive Models to Answer Substantive Questions Inproceedings

In: Rogers, Tim; Rau, Marina; Zhu, Jerry; Kalish, Chuck (Ed.): Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pp. 1070–1075, Austin TX: Cognitive Science Society, 2018.

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