afex_plot(): Publication-Ready Plots for Factorial Designs

I am happy to announce that a new version of afex (version 0.22-1) has appeared on CRAN. This version comes with two major changes, for more see the NEWS file. To get the new version including all packages used in the examples run: install.packages(“afex”, dependencies = TRUE) First, afex does not load or attach package […]

ANOVA in R: afex may be the solution you are looking for

Prelude: When you start with R and try to estimate a standard ANOVA , which is relatively simple in commercial software like SPSS, R kind of sucks. Especially for unbalanced designs or designs with repeated-measures replicating the results from such software in base R may require considerable effort. For a newcomer (and even an old […]

Mixed models for ANOVA designs with one observation per unit of observation and cell of the design

Together with David Kellen I am currently working on an introductory chapter to mixed models for a book edited by Dan Spieler and Eric Schumacher (the current version can be found here). The goal is to provide a theoretical and practical introduction that is targeted mainly at experimental psychologists, neuroscientists, and others working with experimental […]