Peer Reviewed Publications

The raw data and analysis scripts are available for many papers, at least for those papers where I was first author. Just click on “Links”.

Citation information can be found at my Google Scholar profile.

Submitted manuscripts (i.e., under review or in revision)

Foster, K. & Singmann, H. (in revision). Another Approximation of the First-Passage Time Densities for the Ratcliff Diffusion Decision Model.

Winiger, S., Singmann, H., & Kellen, D. (in revision). Violations of Conditional Independence in Mixed-State Models of Visual Working Memory.

Rey-Mermet, A.,  Singmann, H., Oberauer, K. (in revision). Neither measurement error nor speed-accuracy trade-offs explain the difficulty of establishing attentional control as a psychometric construct: Evidence from a latent-variable analysis using diffusion modeling.


Note: Publications “in press” are displayed as published in the upcoming year.

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1. Singmann, Henrik; Klauer, Karl Christoph; Over, David E.: New normative standards of conditional reasoning and the dual-source model. In: Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 5, pp. 316, 2014, (winner of best student paper award of DFG priority programm "New frameworks of rationality"). (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX | Tags: coherence, Conditional reasoning, dual-source model, mathematical modeling, measurement models, mixed models, new paradigm psychology of reasoning, p-validity, Probabilistic reasoning, rationality, Reasoning)

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